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About Sydney Designer Granny Flats

Sydney Designer Granny Flats are specialists focused solely on the design and construction of high quality architectural granny flats.
Because we understand everyone is different, we have tailored our service to provide flexibility for our clients, with no compromise on style or function in each granny flat we design.
We build designer granny flats across the region of Sydney including the Eastern, Northern, Inner and Western suburbs.  We are an established business who has its own team of local builders ensuring you get a high quality, first class project every time.

So why work with us?

Our designer granny flats are built to suit the specific site conditions of each block.

We are award winning builders with a highly skilled local team.

We are focused on quality and have partnered with the leading suppliers in Australia to bring you all the brands you know and love.

 You can select your own custom colour scheme with helpful advice from our team of experts. Your granny flat can suit the exterior of your existing home including the style, colour scheme and specific finish.

We offer flexibility in our design process. You are not restricted to our plans. We allow you to customise our plans to suit your lifestyle.


Is My Property Suited For A Designer Granny Flat?

One of the most common questions we are asked about our designer granny flats is ‘does my backyard meet the requirements for a granny flat to be built?’ Some of the minimum site requirements for a granny flat to be approved as a complying development include:

Minimum Block Size

Your block must have a minimum of 450m² to qualify.

Property Setback

You must maintain a 3m setback from the rear and 0.9 from side boundaries. For larger blocks the boundary setbacks increase.

Residential Zoning

Your block of land must be zoned residential – R1, R2, R3, R4.

Existing Trees

All granny flats must be located a minimum distance of 3m from any existing trees that are over 4m in height.

Property Width

Your block of land must have 12m width at the building line of the existing dwelling.

Floor Area

Your granny flat floor plan must have a maximum 60m² external area.

The image below illustrates the minimum site requirements for your granny flat:


Granny Flat Investments

Granny flats are a great investment addition to a property portfolio. We can say this confidently, as we have seen dozens of our clients get a positive return on their investment.

The team at Mortgage Partners Australia have looked into this in detail and found that it’s a great way to convert a negatively geared property to positively geared, with minimal capital outlay. They lay out a scenario whereby the yield of the example property shifts from 8.59% to 15.18% with the addition of a granny flat 100 per cent financed at $125,000. If you are a savvy property investor we urge you to read this article – just click here.

A granny flat can provide:

  • A positively geared investment, giving you an extra $195 each week in your hand or $10,000 per year.
  • Rental yields of 15% each year.
  • Tax depreciation benefits of up to $6,000 per year.
  • A tangible asset that you can see and touch.

Our Range Of Designer Granny Flats

Our flexible design options make for a completely stress free experience all you have to do is choose your options and leave us to look after the rest, leaving you to get on with your busy lives and know that our team are taking care of everything for you. Click on a design to learn more.

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